Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday is Here!!

What a nice weekend!

It was Jazzy b-day as you know and the plan went pretty smooth. The pancakes were great and he loved the fact that I got two things of his wish list. He wanted mini choppers and Pokemon cards, most importantly. We went to kids go-cart racing track and he and his bros. drove ( crashed around) for about a half hour, then on to family swim at the Y and back home for cake, ice-cream, pizza and more gifts. He was blessed with a pair of Air Heeleys, (yes the knock offs) and will use them until he gets better. maybe then I will make such and investment , but for now they work just fine....

For Mother's Day my babies cleaned my car in and out and their dad got me a Mom's ring with three birth stones . Very nice gesture. I am proud of him , he has not always been so forth coming with surprises. This was very sweet. I spent majority of the day with my mom. She helped me twist up my hair and I helped her prep food and season our fish for dinner. It was a pleasant and humbling experience.

I ended the night and started the new day (shhh) listening to pod casts. Like I said I am gearing up to do my own. I am only going to do it once a month or twice a month. for now I am becoming an avid listener...It's these little things that make life sooooo much fun .....
so although I did not touch the not so finished novel, although I knit a few rows of the scarf and made no new flyers to promote Knottie Hotties I still feel great and had a relaxing week end with the family.

Monday morning is here and in full affect. The calls are starting to come in and I am asking my self why am I here. I would like to be home and just work on my novel and work on my pod cast and just NOT BE DOING CUSTOMER SERVICE ...but that is not a real possibility right now for me... I need the money right now. Perhaps after we buy the house I can replace my income, but that house is not here yet..I must hang on longer ..I must...
and so I plan to knit my ass off this week get more writing done.

This Week's knitting plans:

Knit on lunch break 20 minutes daily
knit while on the phones at work
listen to knit pod in the night
Tue: Meet cousin an LYS and knit some more (buy nothing)
Fri: Meet co-organizer of Knottie Hotties and brain storm group plans
Sat/ Sun: work on writing and knit

Okay, I have a some ambitious goals here, some must get tootin'
Take Care and have a blessed and kniterific day !!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Purling and Productive too....

A productive Friday and two cavities in tow.

I'm done with sweets. I can't believe that I went through my entire child hood with no issues and find it astonishing that I have them now. Well I guess that I can buy all the soda and sweets I want now , versus when I was young and mother always said " NO!" so that has something to do with my downfall. Any how , no mo' soda..
I did not enjoy the dentist poking around my mouth and beaming that bright light on my face today no mo' ..
I will not , I will not , I will not ..

In more positive knote.I have been doing well with my summer scarf pattern.I sat down last night instead of brooding about not going out and did some real focused knitting . Now I am on row 15 an loving it ..I can already see the pattern forming. I am at work doing my 6 hour stint tonight and may get in few more rows before the night is done. I am keeping track too, which is great . I have yet to get lost on the pattern. I am trying a different technique.This time instead of marking up my page with lines and check marks.I am simply using a sticky note and moving it down the pattern . so only the row being completed is highlighted far this is working. I learned this lil trick at the LYS a few weeks ago. Glad to share .

Yay podcasts!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been listening to Pod cast..Never thought I would .... and although I never thought I be a knitter, much less a blogger, much less a knitting novel reader , I must now add yet another claim to the list : knit pod listener...
Who knew I'd love listening to audios about knitting!!! Some say it's real pathetic...they are the same ones who rolled eyes when i got my first copy of Knit one , Kill wateva ....Hey my therapy, is my therapy....The surprises just keep trickling in ..

So far I have listened in on Stash and Burn , Sleepy Eyes, and today I came across Knitty D and the City and listed to Pointy sticks. I think this really s some thing I will try. I get more ideas and more excited the more I think of it ....A possibility ..I am truly inspired ...

My baby boy turns 8 tomorrow. I have a pretty busy day starting with pancakes and peaches , strawberries and whipped cream . Tasty huh, This is the sweet breakfast I making for my baby, xcuse me , i meant big boy ... ....Tonight I will be making his cake , so I can have that down ...I may make it from scratch although I did buy the box I need to cheat if I am too tired. Which is highly likely ...I feel no guilt. I am a good mom !

Mother's Day , hmmm, not sure what the plans are yet. I may get my nails done and I may twist my hair for the up coming week....I have to get an early start~ hair twisting takes 3+ hours ...and I do want to get my mommy some plants for the yard. She is in need of some potted plants and flowers.

My wonderful DH got me a Tiffany Bracelet ( gasp ) and has been acting very romantic and grateful for me lately .... no complaints i'm good....

Happy Week's End and Happy Mother's day !

Thursday, May 10, 2007

focused knitting

have gotten brave enough to attempt the summer scarf again and I got it !
I am happy to say that it was not hard at all ! I had a weird stitch to execute : the PRT2 and KRT2 ......They are harmless , just skipping stitches and knitting the one behind it first then purling or knitting the skipped stitch..So knot bad , a lot of time i need to just sit my azz down and just " Do it ! "
That usually happens when I am at work , or away from home . Why is that ? I wait until I get in a meeting, have tons of chores and errands or need to work that I want to KNIT on projects that require concentration , time and solitude ...What's my defect ? lol....
So to say the least , I figured the pattern out today at work , during a desk move and a high call volume ... worx for me ...

I had said a few weeks ago, no blogging at work or even knitting . Yeah , i through that B.S. out the door. I was getting no knitting or blogging done as long as i am doing my work and not hurting any one or getting funny looks from my new supervisor, I'll be knitting....
matter fact i will make up a cute lil' sign to hang up at my desk , it'll say " I'd rather be knitting ! "
So I'll work on that a bit more today at home , I want to see the lovely little leaves and vines grow....

I have been listening to more and more Podcast and may be brave enuff to try my own. I'll keep you posted ! So far I do love listening in!!! This however is not something I indulge in while at work.
Yeah , that won't work...

So far I am happy with my knitting this week and look forward to an week end full of fun and family ..

Happy's Mama's Day !

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I'm moving on down.....My list of knits......

I went to my LYS for the first time in weeks! It was good to sink into those big comfy couches and just simply knit and listen in on suburbian gossip and what is happening on the outskirts of the innercity I call home. I am usually the black sheep at the LYS, and at first I used to feel funny being the only "black" girl at the knit shop. I wondered where all the sistah were...One or two here or there, even the majority of knit bloggers are NOT black... But I have grown ok with that now. And know that I am special .... But in the beginning I'm sure I turned a few heads a few times that I walked up in there, but I could not let color or culture stop me from learning this amazing craft. So I laugh and truly consider my self the brown sheep of the flock at times. To date, No one has ever been offensive or made any comments on my being there. There is no "whites only" sign on the shop door, so I can honestly say I have always been welcomed, but yeah, it was a bit weird at first....

And now, there are more and more bloggers of culture out there! and I am grateful for the added spice.

And that is of course one of the main reason that I created Da Knottie Hotties , to encourage more people of color to pursue these fine arts and to truly give back. I have been hosting the commu-knitty knit-ups for over a year now and although growth is slow , it is a year later and I can really say I am happy with what has taken place. This year, my plan is to promote , promote, promote and get the word out ....

Happy Birthday Knottie Hotties!

The man's belt that I designed is almost done. Just need to add the finishing touches. My blog has to be pic-less for now ,I have no camera except for my phone and uhm that aint gon' cut it ...So for now , please be patient with me .

I am going to sit and attempt to work on a new pattern that one of the ladies from my LYS created. It is pretty scarf with a vine and stems and leaves and flowers. I think i'll make it for a cool summer day ...I know ya wanna see it, but i have to knit it first , no pic with pattern .Only the one hanging in the store. But it is gorgeous and I'm knitting it in
Atacama/ #504 Olive/Tan Mix . It is soft and slightly variagated for a little personality.

I have to go and search for my cotton red, gold green to add to my man belt for a little added cultural flair...Really hope hubby likes it , he did see me knitting on it and said " I like that " , Good because I was testing him out. He doesn't really know its for him. I don't think. Any how~

I hope I don't catch finish-itis and end up just having a long "strap" in my knitting basket...But nah, I'm a mature knitter now ! I won't do such a thing..thing of the past ........ C'mon, I got so far , can a girl lose it just like that ??? Shhhh, say it ain't so !

Okay time to touch that summer scarf pattern again...


Monday, April 30, 2007

Peek- A- Boo

It has been forever since I last posted.
I am have missed you all heavily and have much to post.
I even went on a little vacation to S.C. and it was wonderful.
I have been knitting , but have gotten a little bit more courageous an have started my own pattern!
I am excited with and have new ideas and plans in mind.

On My Needles:
baby blanket
mans belt
self designed tube top / tank top
knotty girl's summer scarf

self designed grey anatomy poncho ( seam up)

So I have been good in detaching and getting my knits in order. I even yanked out a few " going no where" projects.
It actually felt good to do that, kind of empowering , like I was taking back my life.

I have also come to the realization that I can only host my community knit up once a month. I and Atarah feel the same way , so I have decided to host knit up on the first Saturday of Every month. Now , to find a new venue ........hmmmmmmm? Where oh where shall our little knitting hearts lead us ?

Today I will work on my man's belt and read up on shaping for my tank top !

have a great and productive day !!!!

Monday, March 5, 2007


WOW: life has me saying wow these days. My knitting, non-complex, is a compliment to the other glories I am experiencing.
I was blessed with a performance by Queen GodIS and Rain at a local birthday party and enjoyed my self bunches. I am done with the mutlidirectional scarf and have occupied my needles with a shrug pattern i saw on Knitty Gritty ....couldn't help it , I had to cast on !!!!!!

have a great day ya'll ...
camera is busted right now.
I owe you lots of knitting porn ...I know it ....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

They wrestle and play with toys..none other than knitting boys

Here's some great news :
My 7 year old son, Jazz has been knitting on and off since kwanzaa, despite the name calling from his bros, he really likes it . lol, Ree, my 9 year old, asked me a few weeks ago to teach him, (our 1st attempt years ago was a disaster) I said Ok .. I invited him to knit yesterday morning , casted on for him and showed him the knit stitch ........while watching Knitty Gritty , now airing mon, wed, fri mornings at 7 a.m in my area...

My Heavens!!!!

The boy was in pure bliss! Mind you this is my middle son, any one with a " MiD-KiD " knows the struggle. I hope this really works for him, at 9 he already needs anger management help ...He sat there after he got it, enthusiastic and watching Knitty Gritty ..He even kept going when I left for work, stopping due to a dropped stitched

He got about 4-5 rows done !!!!!!!!! And non Jazz had a knitting pal and won't feel so isolated..Tonight Ree said " I love knitting ! " I BEAMED!!!!!!

Proud mom of two knitting sons...we'll see how long it last

They went at it again tonight, I showed both boys how to deal with dropped stitches...
Then we watched The Last Knit on you tube before they went off to count sheep and ...who'da thought ?

More fun stuff...

The multi directional scarf stumped me at the end. Then I realized there are two versions. The version I wanted is the symmetrical version. If you decided to make this scarf , which is a relaxing , steady knit in garter stitch you can pick how to end it. I love the triangles and the color way on the NORO kureyan. ( total scarf is like 45$) to be expected with snob yarn.... just kidding.. but Noro is pricey in bulk ... so I think I am scaling back..I am not a snob at all..just love to knit with quality ..
I am happy to be done with the mutli scarf, I can go back to the other WIP's that I left in the dust, yet once again.

KNIT ON~ 4 real wo/man !